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Advice from Current Students 

One-liners and general advice from current FLI medical students to help you stay motivated!

  • "Try to identify mentors and be strategic about applying to medical school. It can seem like there are a lot of things working against you, but learning how to navigate the process is more than half the battle."

  • "Reach out to others. It can be scary but most people want to help."

  • "I found mentors through my pre-med post-bac who could help me understand the timeline and how to frame things on my application. Seek out different mentors if you are able."

  • "Take your time! There's no reason to rush through, so make sure you do well and that you enjoy the process! Remember you're a student first. Your loved ones and your job will understand as long as you communicate."

  • "Do not be afraid to put yourself out there. You will be surprised that even the most senior people in any field will take some time out of their day to talk to you if you show enough interest and dedication to your craft. People underestimate the power of networking and it is so important to build your network no matter how old you are. So do not shy away from opportunities to build and maintain connections. Networking is not just reserved for the business world"

  • "I think the most important thing is to have a strong support network, to have people that you can ask for help/ rant to when things get tough (that goes for life in general). Oh and also take a breath, you will do just fine! In college, I would say enjoy life as much as you can, and try taking random classes that you find interesting! I didn't take a traditional pre-med path in undergrad and honestly am very glad about that because I feel like it offered me a different perspective on things (and know that you'll be able to get in somewhere with a random degree like me, so don't stress out too much about it). When applying, definitely look into AAMC's Fee Assistance Program, it saved me A LOT of money, and allowed me to apply to a few more schools."

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