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Mission & Vision


Sakila Nazia



oadmap to Med (RTM) is a free online platform created by Weill Cornell medical students to address the resource gap that exists for first-

generation and low-income (FLI) students applying to medical school in the United States. The pre-health journey can often be expensive, overwhelming, and difficult to navigate, while topics of cost, financial planning and barriers uniquely faced by FLI students are under-discussed. 

In addition to increasing visibility and support for FLI pre-med students, we hope that RTM can serve as a community and helpful resource to those who would otherwise have limited access to information related to medical school and, more specifically, the FLI experience.

Overcoming adversities and often with knowledge and experience underrepresented in medicine, motivated FLI students bring invaluable empathy and insight to their educational environments and professional careers. We also believe that one's background and ability to pay should not be the limiting factor in pursuing healthcare and wishing to serve communities.

The goals of RTM are three-fold:

  1. Increase visibility of FLI issues and representation in medicine

  2. Advocate for and empower talented first-generation and low-income students pursuing medicine

  3. Strive for equity in education by sharing resources, materials and opportunities that may be otherwise difficult to find or navigate.

A journey you don't take alone

While we hope that RTM can provide space to represent and share information unique to the FLI experience that would otherwise be difficult to find, our resources are made available for all students and educators.

Are you an FLI medical student, resident or physician?

*To promote an inclusive environment, first-generation is defined broadly as 1) Students whose parents/guardians did not graduate from a four year institution 2) Students with parents/guardians with some collegiate experience or 3) Students with parents/guardians who graduated from college and universities outside the United States who have limited experience and knowledge of the college experience in the United States.

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